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John McKenna MRBS

Selected artist profile information for this contemporary British Sculptor
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Sculptor John McKenna MRBS
John McKenna and Queen Elizabeth II

About John McKenna

John Mckenna works in a variety of scales, colossal, heroic, domestic, on public and private commissions in a variety of materials. An artist who has many artworks in public places and as a consequence his smaller works, when available are highly collectable.

John McKenna has his own fabrication workshop on his farm in Scotland where he can make colossal steel structures, upto 13 metres high. He also has a studio bronze casting foundry, where he can cast his own life size statues, maintaing the highest quality of craftsmanship at all stages for his artworks. This allows John to work on and control all the aspects of the creation of a sculpture, from concept, through creation to final installation. John McKenna`s artworks truly are created by the artist himself.
Sculptor John McKenna MRBS
The Miner of Aiuchengeich memorial bronze statue

Exhibition History of John McKenna

John McKenna have exhibited in London and various locations throughout the country, once alongside Elizabeth Frink with other members of the Sir Henry Doulton school at Keele.
Various exhibitions, including RGI in Glasgow, Glasgow and Edinbirgh Art fairs.

Works can be found at the High Street Gallery, Kirkudbright.

2001 The Year of the Jersey bronze cattle group

Biography / CV of John McKenna

John Mc Kenna`s Biography
I work in a variety of scales, colossal, heroic, domestic, on public and private commissions, producing my own work or rising readily to the challenge of a clients design brief. My smaller works using the human form seek to achieve balance, sensitivity and quietude for the observer to contemplate and aim to pacify the senses in an increasinly demanding social environment.

Since 1993 I have worked primarily on public art schemes throughout the whol of the country. Working with architects, developers, councils and public art agencies usually to strict deadlines, producing high quality artwork of my own design or on a collaborative basis with other artists and sculptors.

I have extensive working experience of a variety of media and scales, large cast bronzes and aluminium, glased brick architectural reliefs, stone and cast stone, terracotta, fibreglass and welded steel.

Sir Alexander Stone memorial

Acquisitions / Collections of work by John McKenna

John MCKenna`s Commissions:

Large Scale (5m) relief panel on board the Queen Victoria liner, commissioned by CUNARD

Colossal Staue of Mining figure in stainless steel, 12m high in Brownhills Staffordshire. See youtube video.

Large Scale (7m sq) bronze panel on board the Queen Mary 2 liner, commissioned by CUNARD

Relief Sculptures residency at Queensbury School
Portrait bronze of Sir Peter Tapsell
Foyer brick sculpture Redland Brick Plc
Portrait Bronze of Sir Michael Spicer MP
Portrait of Richard Bridgeman
Helmet commissioned by Dudley Public Arts for site at castle
Desk of carved brick semi circular Redland Brick Plc
Glazed Brick relief school coat of arms Woodhouse School
Madame Tussauds work for Amsterdam exhibition
Design maquettes for ceramic pieces.

Public Works of John McKenna

John McKenna`s Public sculptures
The Miner of Auchengeich
The Sir alexander Stone Memorial
2001 Year of the Jersey Cattle Sculpture
Design of shelter structure
Community Art project
Bronze Maps
Family of Instruments
Bornze Roundels
Green Man head
Sculpture panels
Roundel in Stone
Artwork features
Sunbeam racing panels
Lifesize female figure
The Commuter
The Glassblower
Boulton Paul Defiants
Echo and Narcissus
Bilston Industry
Cast Stone panels
George Eliot Entrance
Glassblower figure
Intaglio Relief tiles
City of Leeds
Burslem Bypass triptych
Designed War Memorial.

Qualifications / Education of John McKenna

John Mc Kenna`s Education
Royal Grammer School, Worcester
Awarded merit Diploma in Art and Design at the Victoria Institute, Worcester Technical College
Middlesex Polytechnic
Sir Henery Doulton School of Sculpture under the auspices of Dame Elizabeth Frink.

Teaching Experience

John McKenna lectured at Stafford College of Further Education and was instrumental in establishing the first HHD course specifically in Figurative Sculpture and also lectured on Three Dimensional Design at Worcester College of Technology.

Price Range of Work

John McKenna's work has a price range from £800 to £12,000

Mediums utilised

John McKenna's work is found in the following materials:

Artwork Categorised

John McKenna's work is found in the following categories on site:
Public Art Sculpture (4)
Commission and Custom and Bespoke sculpture Statues (3)
Famous People Sculptures Statues (3)
Nudes, Female Sculptures (3)
Nude sculpture statue statuette Figurine Ornament (2)
Objects of desire Sculptures (2)
Portrait Sculptures / Commission or Bespoke or Customised Sculptures (2)
Footballers Football Players Soccer Players sculpture statue statuettes (2)
Awards, Trophies, Presentations and Prizes Sculptures (2)
Mythical Sculptures (2)
Interior, Indoors, Inside Sculpture (2)
Champions Sculptures Statues statuettes figurines (2)
Females Women Girls Ladies Sculptures Statues statuettes figurines (2)
Couples or Group Sculptures
Monumental Sculptures
Garden Or Yard / Outside and Outdoor Sculptures
Busts and Heads Sculptures Statues statuettes Commissions Bespoke Custom Portrait Memorial Commemorative sculpture or statue
Torsos Sculptures or Chests of Men and Women Females Girls Children Statues statuery statuettes
Classical Style Sculptures and Statues
Aquatic Sculptures Fish / Shells / Sharks / Seals / Corals / Seaweed
Human Figurative Sculptures
Reptiles Sculptures and Amphibian Sculptures
Wild Animals and Wild Life Sculptures
Farm Yard Sculptures
Nudes / Male Sculpture
Sculptures of Sport in General
Restful Sleeping Dozing Day Dreaming sculpture statue
Male Men Youths Masculine Statues Sculptures statuettes figurines
Sensual Sculptures or Statues
Miniature Sculptures, statuettes or figurines
Military, Soldiers, Sailors, Marines Airmen and Military Equipment
Figurative Public Art Sculptures
Indoor Inside Interior Abstract Contemporary Modern Sculpture / statue / statuette / figurine
Corporate Sculptures
Cattle, Kine, Cows, Bulls, Buffalos, Bullocks, Heifers, Calves, Oxen, Bison, Aurocks, Yacks
Horse and Rider / Jockey Sculpture / Equestrian Sculptures
Nude or Naked Couples or Lovers
Caricature Sculptures Statues statuettes
Abstract Loop Indoor and Outside Sculptures / Statues / statuettes
Tabletop Desktop Small Indoor Statuettes Figurines Sculptures
Abstract Modern Contemporary Sculptures Statues statuettes figurines statuary
Angular Abstract Modern Contemporary sculpture statuary
Literary and Musical Characters Sculptures
Round Disk, Dish, Flat Circular Ring Shaped Sculptures / Statues statuette statuary
Torsos Chests Females / Women / Girls / Damsels Sculptures Statues statuary
Pet and Animal Portrait Custom or Bespoke or Commission Commemorative or Memoriaql sculpture statue
Historical Character Statues / Sculptures
Fabricated Metal Abstract sculpture


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"Architecture is inhabited sculpture. "
Constantin Brancusi
American editor, publisher and writer.1876-1957
Customer comment on 'Friday Night Maquette (Sexy Little Small nude Girl bronze statuette)' by Ronald Cameron
I must say it was for me the first time that I bought something on internet

You can imagine I was a little suspicious of doing this in the beginning Therefore I didn`t give my bank account on the telephone, Sorry therefore But I notice that buying this sculpture on the internet on your art park site, it gave me a good feeling now !!
Thanks again for the correct handling and the quick and nice service !!

Many greatings,

Marleen De Sloovere, Belgium.